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Who We Are

Proudly Serving America with Designer Doors & Stained
Glass Windows Since 1972


“A well designed door compliments a home or building. It neither overwhelms nor is overwhelmed by the surrounding architecture.
The two co-exist to the betterment of both.”

Stained Glass Windows

“Stained Glass will provide a brilliant and ever-changing element enhancing the interior decor of every room it occupies.
As the sun moves . . . so will your patterned light.”

Why Buy from Jennifer’s Glassworks?


We build the Stained Glass Windows right here in our own studio


We manufacture Solid Timber Doors in our very own mill shop. No cheap Veneers.


We Stain and Finish the timber doors here on the premises and invite you to approve before install.


We Build to your Specifications… size, style, design, color


We Pay attention to detail. We hand select lumber for our doors and glass for our windows


We Partner with you to create an entry system or a stained glass window that is all yours!


We carry several designs and styles of Hand Forged Wrought Iron Entry Systems in stock sizes. You can pick your glass and lockset!


We can also Customize an Iron Entry specifically for you and special order it!


We work hand in hand with you on your project from first steps of design through construction and all the way to day of installation.

Fully Accredited Members of the Stained Glass Association of America Since 1978.